Thursday, 4 May 2017

Natures Pen

Hi Creative Paper Clay ® fans, it's Cindy here, welcome to my very first post as a member of this fabulous Design Team! I am so excited to share with you my "Nature's Pen" and show you how to create your own. I chose to create this pen from the Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound, to ensure that the pen remained very light and because once dry the Delight remains very soft and is spongy even after it has dried thus making it very comfortable to use.... there will be no callous' here when I'm writing my memoirs (lol)...


So for this project you'll need the following:
Clay shaping tools
Rolling pin
Water for smoothing clay
Acrylic paints (I used Vivid Ultra Metallics on mine)
Gel medium
Paint brushes
Water for your brushes
Spay varnish

So I began with some Delight and made some rough 'snakes' ready to form my wooded base of the pen..
Next up with my regular old Bic pen I removed the ink nib from the barrel and started wrapping the barrel with the "snake" strips...

continue wrapping the pen barrel until it is fully covered...

 it is time to add detail and make it look more like a log... I achieved this by using small ball tools and silicone tools

I added smaller details using a scalpel blade.. 

Time for making the leaves, roll out some more Delight.... cut out some tear drop shapes, and shape and then mark and curl them up....

I rolled out some more Delight and used a small cap to press out circles.... you need 6 circles to form one flower... I made three flowers in total...

I also rolled out some very thin snakes... to make into the tendrils.... 

Now it's time to paint.... hmmm
no rude comments about what it looks like at this stage.... lol...

Paint up all the pieces...

Time to assemble Nature's Pen...
I used Gel medium to adhere the painted flowers, tendrils and the rhinestones in the flower centres...

To finish off my pen, I gave it a spray over with varnish, and re-inserted the ink nib

some close ups of the finished pen

thank you for stopping by and joining me here today,

Till next time
Happy Creating

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