Tuesday, 24 January 2012

USA, Day Five

What a great day today was...Despite being rained on and getting quite wet, it was just awesome....
If you are ever in California, Cambria should be on your must see list....
The amazing Hearst Castle has to be seen to be fully appreciated, just unbelievable...

Neptunes pool

this is one of the guest cottages

the roman pool complete with gold leaf inlay!

and then only a few miles up the road in a beach cove in San Simeon you will find hundreds of Elephant Seals, come in to breed/birth......such an awesome spectacle...
they almost look like rocks of in the distance...

this seal pup was born only a few hours before we got there

the seals were just amazing...
till next time


  1. I can finally read your posts the brown has gone. I am really enjoying reading your posts and loving the photos. As usual I am looking forward to seeing all the treasures you find along the way. I am having trouble believing you restrained yourself at the Harley shop. Lol.
    Enjoy xxx
    Robyn ( Queenie)

  2. the seals look fantastic how close were you I am presuming your camera was on tele keep having fun til it's down to work Luv Valx

  3. Val, they were so close in some spots I could probably have touched them if I stretched out...it was amazing...'