Sunday, 22 January 2012

USA, Day 2 & 3

Well, I was so tired last night I fell asleep instead of posting.....oops...

Santa Monica Pier
Yesterday, I had an awesome day with Lynnea, we strolled along the beach at Santa Monica heading for Venice beach....

we never quite made it all the way, but had a great day out, and then in the early evening headed further up the coast to Santa Barbara...

Santa Barbara is a quaint little place, with loads of history.... today we visited the historic courthouse and viewed the amazing murals, and awesome lookout over all of Santa Barbara from the tower.
One of the Murals in the Courthouse

the mosaic stairway

inside the courthouse - the gallery walkway

Part of the View over Santa Barbara from the tower

Next we visited El Presidio, interesting but not as great as the courthouse.


Then we went and visited the Santa Barbara Old Mission, which has been there since the late 1700's.... just awesome to see, and it is still used to this day as a Catholic church, a Retreat, and plays a significant role in most of Santa Barbara's major community events.... all types of famous people have visited the mission, from Babe Ruth to the Queen!!

check out these succulents!!

just a few of the awesome pics from the Mission

Finally we also saw the partial sunset over the Santa Barbara beach tonight....the low cloud cover prevented the viewing of the full effect of the setting sun....

Tomorrow we head further north....

Till next Time


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