Thursday, 16 May 2013

Helmar Altered Bottle

Hi everyone, this is my first ever official post for Helmar.   I was so thrilled to be invited to join this team, I have used Helmar glues for as long as I can remember and there is no doubt they are the best adhesives available on the market.  So I am super stoked to share with you my first offical creation an altered bottle.  
I found this bottle in Vinnie's store and just fell in love with it, it was screaming for a make over.

So my first step was to give the whole bottle a good spray of Helmar Crystal Kote Fixative Spray, I wanted to create a more workable surface, as glass is quite unfriendly to many mediums... the Helmar Crystal Kote Fixative Spray drys in seconds and creates a great workable surface.  
Next step was to give it the once over with gesso and let that dry.

Then to add some colour I used a couple of Glimmermist sprays.  What I discovered using the Helmar Crystal Kote Fixative Spray as a base allows the gesso to give an almost fake crackle look when soaked with the Glimmermist, leaving you with all these great textures and patterns.


After the bottle had dried it was time for all the finishing touches, so I grab the 450 quick dry adhesive  and use it to adhere lots of flowers, then grab for the Gemstone glue to stick rhinestones in the flower centres.   Gemstone glue has to be your adhesive of choice for rhinestones as it does not cloud them in any way and drys perfectly clear... even if you get some on the top of the rhinestone it won't loose it's shine....what more could you ask for...


Well I hope you enjoyed the project and I hope to see you sharing your projects over on the Helmar facebook page.
Till next time,
Happy Creating, xC 

Helmar Design Team 2013

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  1. Seriously Cindy, wow, wow and wow this is gorgeous :)

  2. well done that is a fun and creative way to recycle