Thursday, 19 July 2012

Words or Whatever... WOW....

Another generous sponsor for the NZ retreat...

WOW is an amazing Australian chipboard company on the lovely Central Coast of NSW that is owned by Suzanne and Neil Webster. They have been going now for over three years and in that time have expanded to take over RW Lasercuts. WOW use a great quality chipboard that allows us to use it with all sorts of mediums and products without fear of it falling apart like some of the chipboard products currently on the market.
WOW now incorporating both their own designs, and the RW Lasercuts designs have a very extensive range that Suzanne is constantly growing. To this end Suzanne now also makes Altamatz. Altamatz are amazing acrylic stencils. They are fantastic to work with. Being a bit thicker than most of the stencils currently on the market, you can achieve some amazing texture and depth with them using all the mixed media products that are so popular at the moment.
WOW also specialize in providing custom made items and can also create exclusive items for retail outlets upon request. So if you would like something personalized, why not ask Adrienne about getting WOW to create it just for you! You can check out all their designs on their website here, and they have an inspirational blog here.
What more can I say about WOW, they have a great quality product at the most reasonable prices around, and I am so grateful they are sponsoring us in September.


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  1. Hi mate September can't come quick enough for the both of us I suppose you off to New Zealand & for me the new Baby on the 12th. I believe my Altamatz is in store now so hope to pick that up soon. Keep blogging as I will keep reading & commenting ((((HUGS)))) Val xx