Friday, 12 April 2013

Favourite Things - A Scrap FX Mini Blog Hop

Well welcome to my first blog hop post...  if you have followed along you should have arrived here from Adrienne's blog.....

The theme of our blog hop is "Favourites Things" I thought I would share my favourite things with you all....

Firstly their is my family, my hubby Bill and my two furbabies, Tiger and Cleo...

I would say its a toss up as to what comes next...  but I think probably riding my Harley Davidson would win, there is nothing that compares to that feeling of absolute freedom as you cruise along a highway on a sunny day....
My next love would be of tigers, now let me be very clear that has nothing to do with sport, I am talking giant man eating cats... I have been in love with these animals for as long as I can remember....
Then there is my favourite colour orange, I know a lot of people don't like it, but I absolutely love it along with black (which we all know isn't really a colour, lol)...
Oooohhhh now I couldn't do a post on my favourite things with out mentioning my favourite chocolate... now I must warn you read on at your own risk these are highly addictive.... it's Raspberry choc bites made by Capricorn.... so, so delicious.... everyone should try them, or though maybe not, I don't want everyone buying them and there being a just telling you about them makes me want one now or maybe

So now that you know all about my favourite things in the world.... I would like to share with you my mixed media canvas I created in this theme.... Not only does it depict some of my favourite things but it was created using my favourite crafting products, Scrap FX, Helmar, Impasto and my Silks and Sprays....I hope you like it...

I used the fantastic Scrap FX  "Steampunk stencil"  to create the background.... then layered it up with lots of fabulous chipboard pieces....  I even made use of the external border from the "words of love"  chipboard set... I cut it to form the two corner borders on my canvas....
ScrapFX pieces used:
Steampunk stencil 2012165
words of love 2013050
Play Ground Alphabet, small 2012306
Play Ground Alphabet, large 2012305
Arrows, fancy 2012374
Scribble Heart, small 2013043
Adore Words 2013065

Now, hopefully I didn't loose you in this long post.... so from here you should jump on over to Elizabeth's blog for some more inspiration....

Cindy Porter    <<<  you are here!


  1. Oh love that steampunk look here! Beautifully done and some seriously amazing chippie love here!

  2. Wow Cindy love it wow too awesome...xx

  3. Wow what an awesome mixed media piece, Cindy!! Mxx

  4. Gorgeous, I didn't know you liked orange HA!! HA!! Beautiful mixed media piece my friend (((HUGS))) Val xx

  5. Love the colors and the dimension on your background!

  6. Wow,awsome work...How detailed and... the colors:total wow!

  7. A truly work of art... Awsome!!! Love the colours and photo

  8. Wow! Great background! Love the fab colors and the texture! Amazing!

  9. This is a beautiful canvas with a stunning photo. Lots of details that we have come to expect from you too. Simply gorgeous!!

  10. What fun reading about all your favorites both scrappy and non!! My hubby and I were married on Harley's 100th anniversary - fun stuff!! We had a rocking party everywhere we went, LOL. Your canvas is gorgeous - I really like orange too and you worked it so well!! The texture is amazing, I just wanna touch it!!! I'm so sensory driven like that - teehee. The way your photo blends in is marvelous and I love the mixture of golds, purple, and lace. Wonderful work!! :)